Adam's Referrals

“Adam did an amazing job! He was a huge hit with all of our guests and gave everyone a great keepsake. We loved the copy machine and wall that he offered so we could display all the caricatures and get to have everyone’s drawings too! He was also very accommodating to our schedule and was ready to dive in and start early when rain changed our plans. Overall, we had a great experience with him and we would highly recommend him for any event that wants something fun and unique!”

- Melissa Ellsworth, 9-21-18


“Adam Pate is a wonderful man. He is quite the talent. He is extremely personable. He routinely asked if you wanted to watch him draw. He also chatted it up with our guests which was very nice. Since he is so talented he was in high demand, some of our guests kept asking for their turn, he tolerated them gracefully. I HIGHLY recommend Adam Pate. He is pricey, $xxx for three hours. My daughter asked for a character artist, all the others weren’t as fast and I was concerned about leaving guests out. I was torn spending so much not knowing how it would turn out. Hiring Adam was the best decision we made. He made the wedding a hit for sure! Worth EVERY penny!”

Colleen R, 9-15-18

“Hi Adam, Your services were PERFECT. So many people have asked me about you and told me what an awesome idea it was to have you at our wedding. I've actually given your info to a couple of people so hopefully they will be in touch. The pictures are wonderful, thank you for those! The whole night truly couldn't have gone better and you were definitely a part of that. I honestly don't have any complaints but if I had to do it again I'd probably have you there longer because I think more people wanted caricatures with other combinations of people. Thanks again!

- Adam was great! We had so many people compliment our wedding and specifically state that having speed sketches during the reception was so fun and unique! I highly recommend hiring him for your event, you won't regret it.”

Ally and Tom. 8-25-2018


“We were very pleased with the ease of it and the overall fun / professionalism he portrayed. He asked ahead of time about dress code and even hung in there when our meeting ran long, pushing his start time out. Pictures were great and there was a line until the end.”

Carolyn, 7-16-2018


“I think it went awesome!!! We got a ton of positive feedback from our guests and all the drawings I’ve seen so far were great. We’re off on our honeymoon so I look forward to seeing more when we get back. You really captured people well. I am very impressed with your talent! We are so happy we found you and are glad you were able to be a part of our celebration! Thank you for everything! 

-- Continued in another format -

Adam was absolutely wonderful! I received so many compliments on his caricatures and our guests really enjoyed his work. It was great to have something unique to entertain everyone at the reception. But beyond that, Adam is extremely talented. His caricatures really captured people well and he completes the drawings so quickly that he was able to get to just about everyone there. Leading up to the wedding day, Adam was easily accessible by e-mail and was very accommodating. He is very professional while providing a fun time for everyone. I would recommend him highly!

Jennifer (Jablonski) Vinkler, 6-23-2018


“Hey Adam, Everyone thoroughly enjoyed having you at Summer Soiree! You were a welcome surprise and the guests loved having a souvenir to take home with them to remember the night. Everyone loved your drawings, all of our staff have them hung up at our desks!

Aaron Heft, Jewish Federation of Cleveland, 6-7-2018


"Hello, Adam!
I just finished a 5 star review for you on Thumbtack! I was very pleased with your work! Was just browsing the guest book of the photo copies over my morning tea and enjoying them all over again! You really did capture a distinguishing feature on nearly every guest! Several forgot to sign their drawings and I was able to know who they were and put a name to the picture. Thank you for helping to make the wedding a special night. Many guests were impressed and asked about you.
Thank you, again!”

Charlotte Davis, 5-5-2018


"Awesome experience using Adam for our son's wedding reception! Guests loved watching him draw and comparing their pictures. He fit seamlessly into the reception walking around during the cocktail hour and table to table throughout the rest of the evening. Having him there really added to the overall success of the evening. Great combination of talent and personality. So happy that we booked Adam!"

Jean Grabowski, 10-7-2017


Review for Adam from this past weekend! :
"Adam was amazing! Super fun and really talented! and FAST! Kids loved it and there was a line at our Fall Festival for his booth the entire time! He was able to get all kids sketched and some twice with a friend or parent! The adults got in on the fun too! Fantastic addition to any event! We will use Adam's talent again! Thanks!"

Suzanne Kostura, 10-22-2016


"Yesterday was so much fun with Adam! The first year on the team we were so busy I didn't get a chance to get drawn but this year I went twice! Everyone loved his drawings and had such a great time! We are so glad we used him and we will be sure to book him again in the future!

Thank you so much for all of your help,"

Saint Joseph’s College, Patchogue, NY, 9-1-2016


This was the best decision we made for our wedding; only second to deciding to get married! Adam was so professional and blended in seamlessly with our reception. Our guests loved him! He is funny and such a kind gentleman. This is a unique service Adam offers and his talent speaks for its self. He was great to communicate with, responding quickly to emails with good information. If you book Adam, you will not be disappointed! We would book him again if we ever plan another big event.

Melissa, 09/03/2016


Adam did such an awesome job at our wedding!! His sketches were one of the highlights of the night!! It was so much fun having him, we highly recommend using him!! :)

Ashley, 7-30-2016


Abbey said...
This guy Adam I'll tell you what my guests we're Beyond Amazed by his fast drawing sketches and the remarkable Talent he has. This is a wedding favor that you could never replace you can frame it hang it up put in a photo album it was incredible it had all of my guests comparing photos walking around laughing it was amazing.. I even asked him if he would stay longer to continue just drawing his sketches because that's how much my guests loved him and without hesitation he said no problem at all Abbey that's what I'm here for... Adam you are truly so talented and I appreciate being able to share my evening with you I hope we can meet again. Thank you Abbey

Wedding: 05/14/2016


Kelli said...
I hired speed sketcher Adam Pate for my daughter's graduation party. People were quite surprised when he arrived. We had kept it a guarded secret that he was coming to the party. Adam mingled very well with the crowd going from table to table to sketch our guests. Guests loved it!! Looking for a unique idea for entertainment for a party, I would recommend hiring a speed sketcher!

We are so lucky to have found Adam to cover our event. He was such a pleasure to work with. So easy to respond to emails...and accommodating. He was so patient with us and worked on our couple's caricature until we were 100% satisfied. Our guests truly enjoyed the caricature experience. We used Adam's caricatures as our thank you favors with our 'couple caricature' printed at the back of our guest's caricatures. We got many compliments at the unique experience that Adam offered. He even sketched my husband and I into a couple of pictures, even though we refused to stay put and kept running to the dance floor! Would highly recommend him to anyone:) -Nisha B, Buffalo, NY, 11-22-2015

Event: 07/18/2015


"Amazing and Personable!

Adam was absolutely amazing! Not only did I love him, but all of my friends and family have now made their caricature picture their profile picture. He was so wonderful and personable, and instead of sitting in the corner, he came around to tables and talked with guests. It was so fantastic, and I can't tell you how many compliments we have received.”

Mackenzie R., 2015


Delissa said...
Wow, Adam was really great from the initial contact to schedule event, to providing options that I had no clue I needed to consider. Overall the the party was a blast. The pictures drawn were wonderful & all were different so it was exciting to see each picture once complete. My guest were happy with the service. Adam was on time and communicated information as necessary. You would not regret having Adam at your function

Event: 06/21/2015


Beth said...
Very personable and professional! Added an unique element to our Cub Scout Pinewood Derby! Guests RAVED about his talent and skill! Everybody left with a smile!!

Event: 01/20/2015


"Adam was a hit!

Adam was a hit at our holiday party! Everyone loved the caricatures and the speed at which he could draw them. I don't think anyone was left out. Overall, he added a lots of laughs and people are still talking about how fun it was to have him there! Thanks!’

Angela Horwedel, 2015


"Thank you so much for following up! Adam did a wonderful job and he completed so many caricatures for our students. The students seemed to really enjoy this event and your company (AGENCY) was such a pleasure to work with. Thank you so much for everything and I look forward to working with you again sometime soon!"



"Adam was great and everyone had a blast getting their pictures drawn! Super fun and funny!"

"Hey Adam! You were so much fun and really awesome!! The drawings were a huge hit! Some advice though... Bring business cards with you!! Ni had to give out your info to a bunch of people!!! So thank you so much for your time and talent!"

Jill DeMattia

Adam Pate is an extremely talented artist ... What he said he could provide, was provided; and, done in a very professional manner. He was very flexible in our scheduling needs. Attendees provided very positive feedback and enjoyed his caricatures. I would very much recommend Adam for any type of event where you want to add something fun and out of the ordinary for your guests/attendees. His drawings were a fun addition for our event and I would not hesitate to have him back at another event."

Connie G, 2015

"Adam Pate was fantastic. We had a company picnic at a baseball game and Adam went above and beyond to make sure that everyone who wanted a drawing got one. I appreciate his willingness to take hi talents to the crowd. Our team members loved the drawings!"

Coleen C, 2015


“We hired Adam Pate, upon recommendation, for our Agency Picnic in June of 2015. Adam was a huge hit with our employees and their families. All of us appreciated his friendly and fun personality, and his ability to connect with all the attendees. A personal caricature is a very special keepsake, and the most creative "party favor" ever! Not only were his drawings amazing, he is lightening fast with a sharpie! It was truly a pleasure working with Adam! We will definitely have him back!”

Ruth Koenigsmark, 2015

"Adam did a great job. I really like his approach to the event, he wanders the crowd and goes to the guests, instead of sitting at a booth and having to have guests go to him and wait in line. He was funny and my guests were entertained. If you are looking for something fun and different at your next event, I would recommend Adam Pate"

Erin, mother of the bride, 2014

"Hi Adam
Just a quick note to thank you for participating in Content Marketing World. It was great to have you - so fun! I am so impressed in what you can accomplish in 60 seconds - and while having a lovely conversation!!!! Thanks again for creating something so fun for our attendees.”

Kelley Whetsell | Director of Events, CMWorld, 2014


"Adam was polite, friendly and quietly doing his work in the background. Our guests loved having him there. He was a big surprise. Everyone there had never been to a wedding reception that had an artist so he was a big hit. We were very satisfied with the experience." 2014

"Everyone LOVED Adam. There was a line for him the entire time, and he even took the liberty of walking around and getting as many last-minute drawings as he could--that was really cool of him. We're definitely bringing him again--especially since he's so close to us."



Adam was a pleasure to work with. He designed a special mermaid background to fit in with my daughter's theme. He went around the room and interacted with guests. He is also a very talented artist. I highly recommend his work!! -Kerri T, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

My guests keep telling me that having a caricaturist at my wedding was "genius"! Adam did a great job, and I am so glad that I chose him as my wedding entertainment/wedding favors. Highly recommended! -Katie G, Knoxville, TN

Communication and follow-up with Adam was prompt and complete, far surpassing ANY of the other vendors we hired!! He is to be commended for that. Our guests had a blast and have commented on what a great idea they thought it was. It was a great idea to offer entertainment like that. I would highly recommend Adam! Thank you!!!

Joanne S, Cleveland, OH


Adam was great, and a huge hit at our company party. He is very talented and his joking professionalism really wins over the crowd. People thought hiring him was a great idea, and had a great time! Thanks, Adam!

Stephanie B, Cleveland, OH


Adam did a great job. He was very patient, using a soft, gentle voice while drawing pictures for 25 6 year old girls. Before the party he offered suggestions and was professional and respectful. Everyone loved the original party favors they left with and my daughter will have a book full of wonderful, funny memories of her and all of her friends!

Ann M, Rocky River, OH


Adam was very professional yet relaxed and very people oriented.

Barb C, Cleveland, OH


It was great having Adam at our "4th of July on the Hill" picnic this year. Guests are still telling me how much they love their caricatures and even more so after the fact. I would say most guests here had never taken the time to experience this,,,and were all delighted! Adam was very professional, went to the people….would highly recommend him for any occasion. We are especially happy with the caricature he done of the 8 little cousins together…..what a treasure for the parents and grandparents! THANKS ADAM

Susan R, Fresno, OH


Having Adam at our fish fry was a delight and added a spark to the cookout. My guests were not expecting him and were pleasantly surprised!

Sandra B, Cleveland, OH


Adam Pate was wonderful. He was punctual, professional and very accommodating to all my guests. Adam is so talented. I cannot wait to have another function so I can request his services. All the guests enjoyed their " adult favour" to take home from the party.

Priscilla C, Akron, OH


Adam Pate arrived on time and ready to work. He was fast, personable and had a sense of humor. Drawings were excellent!!! It was such a nice change, instead of the usual Photo Booth weddings normally have nowadays. The guests got a kick out of it! Don't hesitate to get Adam! He is well worth it!

Kathy T, Utica, MI


Adam was great! We had so many people compliment our wedding and specifically state that having speed sketches during the reception was so fun and unique! I highly recommend hiring him for your event, you won't regret it.

Allyson M, Columbia Station, OH


Adam was wonderful. He traveled to us, was there on time and even stayed a little longer then expected to meet a special request. I would highly recommend!

Cheryll S, Erie, PA


This company was great to work with. I would highly recommend them for future events.

Janielle T, Notre Dame, IN


Adam was absolutely wonderful. He responded very quickly and was accommodating and flexible. More importantly, everyone loved him. He was friendly and respectful to everyone and made the day special. 100% worth every penny.

Kevin M, Cleveland, OH


Just wanted to send a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed having you work with us at the SHM conference in Dallas. You quickly created an “in” for me with potential candidates and I don’t even think they knew they were being hooked! There’s no doubt as to why you are such a success. Great personality and great skills. Hope to work with you again sometime."

Nannette Carvahlo, Recruitment Specialist, Roving Hospitalists Sound Physicians (2011)

"I really appreciate you working with us and the situation. As for your performance I think this sums it up: YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! We absolutely loved you and thought you were great. We were really impressed on how you helped us promote For Rent and got our clients talking. You did a fantastic job and we hope to have you back next year. :-)

You should start talking with the apartment communities on coming to resident appreciation days and doing caricatures for residents at the community. I know you had a positive response with that at the trade show and we are certainly promoting you on our end as well :-)

Please let me know when you receive the check. You were wonderful and our whole team thanks you and appreciates everything.


Jessica Booth- For Rent Magazine (2007)

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