Caricatures are Fun!

Caricaturists have a fun job! We get to draw funny cartoon pictures for people at parties and smile and laugh along with them. Guests enjoy watching the artwork come together on the paper, especially when the sketch is of someone they know. A few lines are drawn and almost magically the image starts to burst with the personality of whomever we're looking at – and then it’s YOUR turn!

Let us show you how SPEED SKETCHERS™ can make that experience even better!



Unrivaled Speed

We are impossibly, freakishly fast. Most drawings only take about a minute per person, and you can time us! We can literally draw EVERYONE at most events within our scheduled time.


Drawing faces in black and white with pencil or marker on 8.5x11” paper in a hand held tablet makes us exceptionally flexible and ready for anything, including crowd, weather and lighting shifts.


Your guests won't miss a second of the party waiting in line because we go to them. if people can’t come to us in schools or office buildings we’ll go room to room.


Relax. The artist you choose will be self reliant, experienced, highly skilled, kind and committed to giving you and your guests the best experience possible, start to finish. We are friendly, insured and background checked. What do our past customers think? Click Here


We take care of everything. No special signage, equipment, technology, lighting or space is needed. We handle our own travel, send invoices and can set up flexible payment plans if requested.


We draw funny pictures of the most important people in your life. Every single one of them will get our best efforts, good humor and respect. Just wait till they tell you how much fun they had with us! Special rates and fundraising opportunities may also be available for charities.


Guests are encouraged to chat with us and watch us draw the other guests. Our copier, display and streaming video options let guests share their experience with each other (and make a guest book for you) long after your event.


What’s more fascinating than watching your people have fun? A live stream video of our performance can be broadcast online and shown at your event to share with guests (or bring attention to our sponsor) anywhere, any time.


Designs on drawing paper, promotional posters, accessories and the conversations we have can all be tailored to your preference, enabling you to mark an occasion, spread a promotional message or introduce potential leads to your staff.

We're Here For You!

We try to have price points and performances to fit every need and budget. From short birthday parties with everyone in one big drawing, to week long out of state events with thousands of people. We can help make sure everyone is entertained even if they don’t get a sketch. Special request? Just ask!

Our Mission

Our core focus is to streamline every aspect of our business to make it easy for you and amazing for your guests. We are customer service oriented, self reliant and set up quickly, which means as soon as we’re on site you can relax and just let us do our thing. We promote kindness and fun for everyone. We enjoy this. You will too!

Our commitment to you is to be the most fascinating and friendly live novelty entertainers you’ve ever seen. We want to break new ground and expand the idea of what a live party artist can do and bring higher visibility and positive attention to our craft. We don't just want customers, we want fans!
Speed Sketchers

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